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About Softjoe


The Softjoe Collaborative is comprised of software, technology, community and customer engagement veterans focused on matters related to cloud computing, collaboration, social apps, web business, and design. Members hail from Boston-area software companies such as Microsoft, Lotus, Interleaf, Rational, Dragon, Macromedia, Adobe, IBM, and more.

Starting in 1999, Softjoe has delivered projects with team sizes ranging from 1 to 25. Softjoe has evolved to focus on Engagement Solutions(TM), using social and collaborative platforms to deliver internal, external, and mixed networks that drive productivity, responsiveness, and engagement.

Our services include strategy, design, content, implementation, and ongoing measurement and management of these solutions. We bring experience with key social/collaboration platforms, including JiveYammerIBM Notes/DominoConvo, Microsoft SharePointDrupal (and Drupal Commons), Ning, and more, as well as partnerships with many of the leading vendors.

Known for our pragmatic and effective approach, we also bring a strategic focus, looking to align engagement solutions with business objectives. This may include formal or informal use of Balanced Scorecard principles in aligning initiatives and measuring results.

Who We Are

Harry Klein has developed and honed his ability to drive profits through creating exceptional customer experiences through 20 years of B2B and B2C consulting, marketing and business development positions. More…

Peter O’Kelly has been working in the software industry since the early 1980s, as an enterprise application developer and database architect, software product manager, strategist, industry analyst, and consultant. More…

Tad Staley is a founding member of the Softjoe Collaborative. With almost thirty years in the software industry, including long stints at Lotus and Adobe, Tad has broad experience in designing, implementing, delivering and supporting software solutions. More…

Lisa Underkoffler is one of the original members of Softjoe. She has over 20 years of experience in product management, marketing and website design. She is a very experienced product leader with the rare combination of vision, leadership, cross-functional management skills, execution and technical background. Her expertise is delivering customer-focused products that propel startups and large companies alike to the next level of growth. More…



The original Softjoe group formed in 1996, meeting once a month in the back of the Softpro book store for bagels and coffee, hence the name “Softjoe”. The purpose, beyond the camaraderie, was to have a forum for raising issues and sharing insights about the rapidly evolving technical landscape. The original Softjoe members continue to convene monthly, and have begun opening up the monthly discussions to invited guests who want to air and discuss specific questions or concerns with a round-table of technical veterans.

The core group can claim some level of credit for bringing a number of web-based applications to market, including Acrobat.com) and Quicktopic. Collectively, the Softjoe Collaborative, directly and through our network, represent some of the premier software talent in the area, from strategy to marketing, from design to development.

The Collaborative began delivering consulting projects in 1999, beginning with design and implementation of web businesses, rich Internet applications, vertical communities to drive customer engagement, and social Intranets to drive employee engagement.